Publisher Services

As publishing professionals, we know how to strike the dynamic balance between design and content that engages, communicates, builds readership and consistent advertising revenues.

Our experienced team of designers and graphic artists know the secrets of combining text, headlines, images and white space on the page to create designs that command immediate attention and sustained interest, nurture loyal readers, and win advertiser dollars.

  • Cover Design
  • Publication Layout & Design
  • Feature Articles
  • Advertising, Advertorial & Special Sections
  • Websites
  • Show & Event Guides
  • Directories, Catalogs & Newsletters

Magazine Design and Re-Design

Why make a distinction? Because re-designing an existing publication is more challenging than starting from scratch.

Every publication has its supporters and quite often a distinctive culture. A successful re-design must take that culture into account.

As publishing professionals, we understand the value of a publication's rich heritage...and we respect it. Rather than "re-invent the wheel," we embrace the magazine's editorial experience, its industry knowledge and market expertise, and incorporate the best of its hard-earned understanding into any new design.

At Cornerstone, we work with a magazine's heritage and traditions—not against them—to assure the best possible results.

Budget Wise

We know how to get results and work within budget. Why pay the outrageous fees some other outfits charge for work that's better suited to inflate the artist's portfolio than to making a connection with subscribes and delivering editorial in a clear, readable manner?

Before you embark on a re-design project, talk with the designers at Cornerstone Media. We can guide you through magazine structure and organization as well as layout and graphic design, to give your publication the edge that will make it a market leader.

Production Services You Can Count On

At Cornerstone we understand that graphic design is just the beginning of a process and we're equipped go the distance to put the concept onto the printed page and put that page in the hands of readers.

We are knowledgeable of every stage of pre-press production. And we continually invest in the computers and software required to easily handle the big, complex graphic files typical in the publishing business.

From complete pre-press production of magazines, E-Zines, and newsletters to special sections and commemorative supplements, Cornerstone has produced the vehicles that have connected with more than a million subscribers.

We know what works and we know how to get the results you want. When impressions and results count, top editors count on Cornerstone's highly creative graphics team.

You should too.

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