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If your website was created more than 2-years ago it's a dinosaur.

New search technologies, more video and audio content, greater interactivity with site visitors—blogs, forums, wikis, etc., — all place new demands on your website and create exciting new opportunities.

Increasingly, your website is the first point of contact prospective customers will have with your organization.
  • Does your website accurately reflect who and what you are?
  • Does your site put your organization in the most favorable light?
  • Does the site provide the information visitors seek and want?

You have only seconds to make a positive impression on visitors to your website. First impressions have never been more important.

Yet many websites fail in this critical task, and their owners know it. That's why so many organizations are frustrated or disappointed by their website's performance.

At Cornerstone, we understand the web and what a website can and should do for your organization. Working with our Internet development partner Sprintout, we will help you determine the combination of design, content and functionality that's right for your organization.

Our designers, copywriters and programmers will create the site elements and content you need to attract and hold site visitors and provide easy-to-use tools that enable you to avoid the most common website problem—static and out-of-date content.

Give us a call. See what we've done. Find out how we can help you.

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