Marketing & Design


We can show you how and where to get "the most bang for your buck." And we'll tailor your message to fit your market, your buyers and your budget.

We've got plenty of marketing savvy and graphic design capability that will bring extraordinary results to your business.

We've introduced new ovens to fast-food operators, shown bakers the "perfect doughnut," sold custom-carved stones to garden centers, demonstrated the benefits of project management standards to top managers, garnered paid subscribers for a European automotive magazine, and sold advertising in the nation's top baking, convenience store, restaurant, foodservice, project management, healthcare and human resources magazines.

We've created advertising and we've sold advertising for electronic media including high-tech websites, e-newsletters and e-mail advertising promotions.

We know what works.

With Cornerstone crafting your advertising and you won't pay ridiculous advertising agency rates. We know how to work within the ever-tightening budgets that are the reality in business today.

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