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New media, including websites, enewsletters, webinars, digital editions of magazines and virtual tradeshows—present publishers with valuable opportunities.

Digital and electronic media can increase awareness of your market and, when well fashioned, marketed and supported by a professional selling program, it will deliver new streams of advertising and sponsorship revenue.

While digital media is an increasingly important and valuable venue, it has different requirements and needs different resources.

Cornerstone is well-equipped and knowledgeable of digital media. We design and produce e-newsletters, websites and webinars and know the ins and outs of planning and promoting virtual tradeshows.

To guarantee we deliver state-of-the-art electronic media Cornerstone is partnered with a highly regarded business Internet Service Provider.

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Of Electronic Media Isn't An IT Function

Your information technology staff plays a vital role by providing the technology required to deliver your new media products to your audience. However, technology is only a means to an end, which is effective, appealing communication and revenue opportunities such communication provides.

Careful planning is essential, because the techniques for successfully delivering digital content are distinct from delivering content in print.

Digital media demands that you stay up-to-date with changing technology, and advertising sales cycles are shorter, quite different than print media.

Electronic Media Saves Money

In addition to new revenue opportunities, digital media offer advantages on the cost side of the ledger, too. The publisher who offers a digital media saves on paper, printing, postage and distribution—by up to 75%—and demonstrates his organization's environmental sensitivity, too.

Click here to download your complimentary copy of the Comprehensive 2009 Digital Media Checklist.

Here's What An Editorial Director At The Nation's Largest Business-to-Business Publisher Has To Say...

"We've used Cornerstone Media for more than 10-years as the primary graphic designers for our monthly b2b magazine.

Every design we get from them is not only superior graphically, but we always get several options to choose from that truly target our market and allow us to push the envelope when we want to.

Cornerstone Media is more than graphic design — they are true publishing veterans that take the time to learn, know and understand the market beyond the surface. That's why their work, be it a page layout for a magazine or a marketing campaign to appeal to advertisers, is right on the money every time."

H. Henstock, Editorial Director

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