Advertising Sales

Ad sales are the lifeblood of today's media and Cornerstone has its fingers on the pulse of this business.

The number one publisher complaint is not having dependable advertising sales representatives who understand their market and have proven ad sales success.

Advertising sales is a dynamic business, very different than selling association memberships or products like automobiles. It requires the combination of a thorough understanding of print and electronic media, plus strong organizational skills, motivation and the talent for selling intangibles.

A Super Ad Sales Partner

We're specialists in advertising sales for B-to-B and association publishers and we're experienced in both print and electronic media.
  • National & Regional/East Coast Ad Sales Representation
  • Magazine, Web, eNewsletter & eMail Marketing
  • Directories, Show Guides, Buyers' Guides & Catalogs
  • Tradeshow Exhibit Booth Sales
  • Ad Tracking Reports, Invoicing and Collections

We're Hands-On Ad Sales Experts

We know what works and we know how to get the results publishers demand. As advertising sales representatives for a growing professional association we increased their net advertising revenues 658%. Even as advertising in their market plunged 30%, we increased net advertising revenue in a highly competitive market segment. No excuses, just results.

Publishers appreciate the contribution we make to their bottom-line. We're sophisticated, smart, savvy and hard working. We typically work on straight commission; you don't pay for health benefits, vacations, office space or salaries.

See how we can increase your ad sales, call Richard Barwis, Cornerstone's Director, Media Development at +215.540.9447 or email:

It could be the most important sales call you make this year.