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Commercial publishers have long known that the "special section," built around a single theme, event or sponsor, is an excellent way to garner reader attention and advertiser support.

At Cornerstone, we have developed many special sections from concept through design, production, marketing and sales support for newspapers and magazines in a wide range of industries.

You don't need to have the time or the personnel. Cornerstone can handle the entire project on a turnkey basis, or provide specific support just where you need it.

What are your opportunities for revenue producing special sections? Product focus? Exploration of a timely issue? An industry or association event? Our award-winning designers, journalists and marketers can turn your opportunities into profitable realities.

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Special Topic Issues Attract Readers and Advertisers

Creating an issue focused on a specific, high-interest subject can greatly enhance readership by members and generate interest from vendors and suppliers.

Special issues are often effective enticements to garner new advertisers and solidify or expand existing ad programs. The prospective advertiser who is interested in the association's audience may need just one more reason to launch a campaign. Because special issues are highly-visible in the market, they can provide the motivation, especially if the prospect's competitors are advertising in the issue.

You can readily identify topics of particularly high interest to your members. You know the value of producing tightly focused special issues. But you lack the resources to produce them while struggling to maintain an already demanding publishing schedule.

Special issues require advance planning, budgeting and staffing to be successful. Special issues don't happen by wishful thinking.

Cornerstone Is The Solution

Cornerstone's experienced, award-winning journalists and special issue designers can help you take full advantage of the benefits special issues provide. We can work with your staff or independently to provide just the services you need: writing, layout, design and pre-press production for print and the digital files for hosting on your website.

Special Issue Ideas:

Association Milestones
  • Anniversaries
  • Annual Recognition Awards
  • Legislative Update
  • Industry Standards & Certifications

Industry Milestones
  • Top 100 People
  • Industry Person of the Year
  • Most Significant New Products
  • Top 50 Suppliers
  • State of The Industry
  • Future of Market
  • Industry Projections
  • Important Contributions To The Industry

Learn more about special issues and advertising supplements in the book, "How To Build Association Advertising Sales Revenue with Magazines, Websites & Electronic Media."

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