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Appealing, up-to-date and practical design is a necessary foundation for any successful publication (or electronic communication vehicle, such as your website).

As the result of decades of cumulative experience, we know how to use effective design to engage readers without overwhelming your content to the detriment of readership or, ultimately, revenue.

Cornerstone-designed publications and content provide publishers the critical edge they need to succeed across the broad spectrum of today's highly competitive markets.

Our experienced team of professional publication designers and artists know the secrets of layout, design and graphics that command attention, deliver service to members, win reader loyalty, readership surveys and advertisers' dollars.

Call Cornerstone Media today to put our team to work on your most important projects.

  • Cover Design
  • Publication Design
  • Feature Articles
  • Advertising, Advertorial & Special Sections
  • Websites
  • ezines
  • Show & Event Guides
  • Directories, Catalogs & Newsletters

Magazine Design and Re-Design

We make the distinction because re-designing an existing publication is more challenging than starting from scratch. This is particularly true of association publications because of their integral role in communicating the values and objectives of the overall organization, and its membership.

Every publication has its supporters and a distinctive culture that grows over the years. A successful re-design must take the association and publication culture into account.

At Cornerstone, publication redesign brings together savvy layout and the best of your organization's heritage and traditions. The result is a highly professional image you, your organization and members will be proud of.

When impressions and results count, top editors count on the expert assistance of Cornerstone's highly experienced graphics team.

Budget Wise

We know how to deliver outstanding results—and we know how to work within the ever-tightening budgets that organizations must live by.

Why pay the outrageous fees some outfits charge for work that's better suited to inflate the artist's portfolio than to make the connection with subscribes and deliver editorial in a clear, readable manner?

Before you consider embarking on a re-design project, talk with the designers at Cornerstone Media. You'll get straight answers to all your questions. We can guide you through magazine structure and organization as well as layout and graphic design, to give your publication the edge that will make it a market leader.

Production Services You Can Count On

Cornerstone Media provides the solution to the high cost of magazine production.

We know that the challenges you face don't end with concepts and designs. You must produce them as a physical product as well—all the more difficult in this period of sharply limited resources and too few personnel.

We know every stage of pre-press production. We are fully equipped to turn designs into print and into live content on your website. We have the personnel, the computers, software and ancillary equipment needed for the large and complex graphic files required to produce your publications rapidly and error-free.

We've designed, written, produced and launched magazines, newsletters, special commemorative supplements, ezines and enewsletters for publishers large and small. We know how to get your publications into the hands of readers, on-time—for shows, conferences and other association events—and within budget.

We're committed to merging creative and innovative designs with traditional costs and values. Our goal is not simply to meet you expectations, but to surpass them.

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