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Association Media Kits

Your media kit is often the first and most lasting impression your association media will ever make. And this impression can be the deciding factor in whether your publications are recommended by advertising agencies and placed on advertising schedules, especially in highly competitive markets.

Advertising and sponsorship decisions will be based on the information in your media kit.

We know how to craft a media kit that answers the most critical questions prospective advertisers will ask about your market, your members and your publication.

"How much money do your members have to spend on my products/services each year?"

"How many of your members hold direct budgeting/purchasing authority?"

Answer these questions well and you are well on your way to winning the battle for advertising dollars. You can do it with a carefully crafted media kit. The media kit is the basic informational and sales tool used to sell advertising. It describes your organization, its members, publications, website, newsletters and events, and presents them to the prospective advertisers who can support your revenue growth.

Cornerstone builds media kits that command attention and tell your publication's story convincingly. If your budget only allows you to create one promotion piece this year, invest in a media kit created by the experts at Cornerstone Media.

Learn Richard Barwis, Director, Media Development at +215-540-9447 or email . It could be the best 'sales call' you make this year.

See the value of media kits in the book, "How To Build Association Advertising Sales Revenue."

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