Publisher Services

If you're like most publishers today, you are juggling more projects with tighter budgets than ever before, while fighting an uphill battle for advertising. Conditions in the publishing business have never been more demanding and the pace is unforgiving. Productivity counts—and so do immediate results.

Cornerstone understands tough, competitive markets and the need for hard-working, descriptive selling tools that capture buyers' attention. We build promotional materials that describe markets, focus on key selling points, generate excitement—and sales.

  • Media Kits
  • Special Issue Promotion
  • Special Publication Promotion
  • Presentations – Digital & Non-Digital
  • Market Overviews/Media Descriptions
  • Trade Show and Conference Promotion
  • Directory & Catalog Ad Sales Promotion

One big advantage we have over "in-house" sources is that we work with a broad number of publishers. We get to see what really works, across markets and industries, in periods of growth and contraction. If our sales tools don't work, neither do we!

Don't Be Caught Short This Selling Season

Now is the time to test our capabilities and see the results in short order. We invite you to give us a challenge. We're ready to help you build a single promotion piece, editorial calendar or complete media kit that will spark new life in your ad sales team and help ensure you meet your goals in today's challenging publishing environment.

If you're juggling more projects with tighter schedules and budgets and depend on ad revenue we can help you. Contact Richard Barwis, our Director, Media Development. It could be the best 'sales call' you make this year.

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